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It's been a long week at work, and you need to relax and unwind. Who ya gonna call? A mature, huge-titted hooker! "I want to drown in those things," he says to the outcall agency. By "things," he means tits. And when he answers the door, he's not disappointed. Not in the least. "Is this what you called for?" asks Victoria Vale, a vision of blond hair and huge tits in a tight, blue dress. "This exceeds my expectations," he says. He plays with her mega-boobs. She smothers his face with them. And then the sucking and fucking begins. "I love dates where I am dressed up in a very low-cut outfit with high heels and no panties," Victoria said. "We go out to a nice dinner and then out for a night of dancing with lots of sexy kissing and touching. Then maybe to a strip club later." Of course, since this isn't a date and Victoria is a call girl, they just fuck. We don't know about you, but we think that beats eating and dancing.
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