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She's 50something, so, obviously, Rose Marie has fucked a lot in her life. But she's never fucked in front of the camera, for your jacking pleasure, and this first time had her very excited. "It's kind of exciting to know that there are men sitting at home watching me have the most-intimate of acts with a total stranger," this busty divorcee said. "I really got into it." Obviously. She takes it up the ass. "I know a lot of women don't like that. Anal sex, I mean," Rose Marie said. "But it's one of my favorite things. I think most women would like it if they tried it, but I can't tell people what to do. I'm old enough to know better than that." She's old enough to know that taking it up the ass on-camera doesn't make her a slut. "No," she said, smiling. "It makes me adventurous!"
"The more I have sex in front of the camera, the more I like it," 52-year-old Gia Giancarlo said. "It was never scary, but I never knew how much fun it was until I started to do it. I'm always up for having some fun, especially when it's sexy fun." Gia has the body and sex drive of a woman half her age. "I go to the gym a lot," she said. "I like to work up a good sweat, and on top of helping me keep this figure, I feel good when I'm done." Of course, there are other activities that help work up a good sweat and make you feel better, and Gia likes those, too. "The reason I chose to do this is I love to fuck. It's really not much more difficult than that. Anytime I can suck on a cock or have a guy fuck me until I cum hard, it's a blast for me. I've met a lot of great people doing this and have had a lot of fun. But the reason I keep doing it is because I love the feeling I get from sex. And I love that you still want to see me do it!" In this video, Gia is late on her rent, again, and when the guy comes by to find out what the problem is, Gia decides to solve her financial problem by sucking and fucking cock. Those are the kinds of things you know how to do when you're 52 and super-sexy.
There's a reason nobody ever sang, "Mammas, don't let your babies grow up to be pool boys." Or pizza delivery boys. Or plumbers. Or cable TV installers. The reason: Somehow, these guys get all the good MILF pussy. So here we have Nade, a pool boy who's fallen asleep on the job, right there, right outside on a lounger next to the pool he was supposed to clean. "Why is he sleeping?" 40-year-old divorcee Isabella Flames asks herself. She's not happy. Not only that, he was late. "I'm going to have to talk to your manager," she says. He begs her not to. He says he'll do anything. To Isabella, "anything" means getting Nade's dick out so she can suck it right there by the pool, where nosy neighbors might be watching, then taking him inside and giving him the fuck of his young life. So let's get this straight: 1. Guy is late to work. 2. Then he falls asleep on the job. 3. MILF catches him sleeping. 4. His punishment is getting to fuck the MILF. Somebody's got their idea of punishment backwards.
Having introduced herself to us with her first solo photos, our newest 60Plus MILF is back to show us her sucking and fucking skills. They're impressive, just like her big tits. Her name is Mona Marley and she's a 64-year-old divorcee from the Czech Republic. Her tits are G-cups, and although Mona is a beautiful, sexy woman, it's her tits you're going to notice first. Tom definitely does. He can't keep his hands off her big naturals. Fortunately for him, she likes his cock as much as he likes her rack. BustyOldSluts: What kinds of dates do you like? Mona: Romantic ones. Walking hand-in-hand under a full moon. BustyOldSluts s: Are you a MILF or a GILF? Mona: Both! BustyOldSluts: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here? Mona: I think so, yes. They would not expect me to do this. BustyOldSluts: What is sexy to you? Mona: Charm and intelligence. BustyOldSluts: How often do you have sex? Mona: Every day. BustyOldSluts: Have you ever had sex with a much-younger man? Mona: Yes. He was 18 years old. He came way too quick!