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Here, Rose Marie, a 49-year-old divorcee from Phoenix, Arizona, is a masseuse. Say what? Dressed like that, in skimpy lingerie with her big hooters hanging out? Hey, we didn't say she was a licensed masseuse, did we? The idea here is that the guy needs a shoulder massage. The problem is that as a masseuse, Rose Marie sucks. Sucks cock, that is. And fucks it, too. Women like Rose Marie are giving masseuses a bad name. Or a good name. It just depends on whether you care more about your shoulders or your cock. Care more about your cock. It's about to fuck this busty divorcee's ass. "I've always had big tits and I've always known what to do with them," Rose Marie said. "If a guy's not touching them while we're fucking or having foreplay, I'll direct his hands to them, and if we're fucking and he's not playing with my tits, I'll play with them myself. The day I discovered that I can suck on my own tits was one of the best days of my life. It was like having a new toy!"
In broad daylight, next to a house pool in a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, 46-year-old Robbin Banx gets her tits and ass oiled and sucks cock and balls for all the world to see. "I don't mind if we have some Peeping Toms," Ms. Banx said. "If I can bring light to someone else's life and help them enjoy the moment, I'm all about it." She definitely brings some light to her stud's life as she deep-throats his cock then takes him inside to fuck him every which way. Robbin has big tits (she says she's a C-cupper, but we'd be willing to bet her boobs pour out of her bra), a nice, firm, round ass (that comes from working out daily), and a big clit. She's an aggressive, sexy MILF with one kid, and she has been in a lot of sexual situations in her life. For example, she once participated in an orgy at the Playboy mansion. As you explore Robbin's body, especially when she's wearing the little bikini she has on at the start of this scene, you might notice her washboard stomach. "I eat so much cake and sugar, I have to workout," she said. Where that cake and sugar has gone, we don't know. There's no evidence of it on her body. Robbin is from the UK and lives in Fort Lauderdale, right in 40Somethingmag's backyard. She's been an adult model for a long time, although she spent a lot of those years doing tame stuff for magazines like Playboy before she started doing what we really want to see: this. So now she's in her mid-40s and in her prime. When we told her that the older she gets, the more we want her, she said, "That's quite surprising, but I get it. It's just the pressure of society that makes you feel like you're too old when I am proof that I'm not. The older I get, the more you're gonna love me."
In this video, Persia Monir plays a woman who's auditioning for a job as a stripper. She should be able to get the job on looks alone, but the guy obviously wants to fuck her, and he does. Watch Persia dance. Watch her suck cock. Watch her pussy get drilled by a giant dick onstage. There's some very hot stuff in this video, and here's why: It's not fiction. There's a lot of truth in this video. Truth No. 1: Persia really is a stripper. Truth No. 2: Persia really does love to fuck. "I'm just as horny now as I was when I was younger," said Persia, whose tits are big and firm with perpetually hard nipples. "I think my orgasms are bigger now, and as an older woman, I'm not afraid to say what I want. I don't suffer in bed, I'll tell you that. I have a good time!" Persia hopes you have a good time watching her having a good time. This is a great video, and Persia is a great fuck toy. And that's the truth!